In 1990, the necessity to adequate and improve medical equipments, led us to initiate an association of professionals in Engineering and Medicine in order to achieve those objectives.

As a result, accurate hand accessories were first developed for doctor's handling, which were adjusted in each case, according to the previous clinical and surgical experience, until we obtained what was expected.

We then progressed on the development of the basic electronic and electrical equipment, introducing in 1992, the first and complete Infrared Equipment.
We have manufactured 120 units which have been modified according to the technological advance.

In 1994, The Ultrasonic Lipolysis with simultaneous aspiration was manufactured. This equipment is continuously developed until a system of automatic capture of the resonance point of the cannula is obtained., avoiding the loss of efficiency because of changes in the tumescent area and procuring a better continuous extraction of the material.

In 1998, an equipment for Neurosurgery is developed, with straight and angular cannulas and a peristaltic pump to inject serum throughout the concentrical system of the cannula.

Medic Electrónica supports the needs of the professionals in Medicine, manufacturing and developing new techniques.