Infrared Photo coagulator System, applied to achieve an immediate hemostasis.

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for the treatment of hemorrhoids (1º and 2º degree), especially bleeding.

Condyloma Acuminata, etc.

Chronic Rhinitis.

Tattoo removal, warts, etc.

Hemostasis in General Surgery.

• Power supply: 220V 50/60hz (optional 110 V)

• Power: 150 Watts

• Timer automatic control: from 0 to 3 seconds

• Height dimensions: 95mm (3.7 inch), width 180mm (7.09 inch), length 190mm (7.48 inch)

• Weight: 3kg (6.60 pounds)

• Lamp assembly and quartz rod holder

• Trigger in handle

• Quartz rod: diameter 6mm (0.236 inch)

• Working depth 175mm maximum (6.89 inch)

• Infrared lamp of 15 V 150 Watt

Supplied with a high impact carrying case which enables its use for domiciliary applications, making this equipment completely portable.

Includes :

Hand applicator
3 PTFE contact tips
Curved light guide 8mm (0.3152 inch) 290mm (11.42 inch)

Optional :

Curved light guide 3mm (0.1182 inch), length 80mm (3.152 inch)
Straight light guide 6mm (0.2364 inch), length 110mm (4.334 inch)

The concentrated infrared light guide produces a shot on the skin of 100ºC (212ºF) with a maximum penetration of 2mm (0.0788 inch) in 3 seconds, with a diameter of 5mm (0.197 inch). This controlled shot ensures the absence of any harm and the contact tip is non adherent to skin. Penetration is controlled by the length in time of the shot.

In the case of hemorrhoids, this method has been used for over 20 years and is indicated for bleeding hemorrhoids of 1º and 2º degree. The application is very simple and does not require any specific preparation of the patient. No kind of anesthesia is needed, therefore it is ambulatory and facilitates its use at the doctor's office, or where the patient might be.

The procedure is painless because its application is over the pectinate line, a non-sensitive area. Following the procedure, normal activity can be resumed immediately with no special care required.
Normally only from 3 to 5 shots are necessary on the base of the hemorrhoids. Some moles are formed and will be loosened by themselves in just a week.