U/S MEDIC, is an equipment that makes a soft spray, of uniform and powerful disolution.
This is one of its most valuable characteristics for those who use it, together with the serum inyection and the concurrent absortion of the dissolved
This makes this equipment very manageable for Surgeon needs, according to its application.

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• Lipolisys Ultrasonic whit simultaneos aspiration

• Meningioma
• Adenoma

• Ovarian carcinoma
• Mammary carcinoma

• Partial nephrectomy
• Prostatectomy

• Partial Hepatetectomy
• Dissection of Lipomas

• Work frequency: 33 KHz

• Maximum Power: 250 Watts

• Control Power: continuous between 0 and 250 Watts

• Power Indicator straight bar of 10 green leds

• Syntony: electronic with optimal adjustment command

• Frequency Stability: 3 parts out of 1000

• Emission Control: by a pedal interrupter

• Emission Indicator: acoustic (piezoelectric buzzer)

• Time counter: reset able LCD display of 6 digits (HH, MM, SS)

• Suction Pump: peristaltic incorporated on the driver's front

• Suction Control: continuous between 0 and maximum (5x)

• Connections safety anchored connectors (U/S and pedal)

• Power Supply: 220 V- AC (110 V-AC optional)

• Dimensions: 270 x 270 x 90 mm (10.63 x 10.63 x 3.54 inch)

• Weight 3,5 kg (7.71 pounds)

• Operation principle: by piezoelectric distortion

• Construction: titanium, steel and hard aluminum system.

• Efficiency: over 85%

• Cover: nylon (ensures absolute electrical and thermal isolation)

• Electrical Connection: fixed, to avoid abrasion and deficient function.

• Interconnection Cable: 3 meters of cable (118.2 inch - 3.28 yd.) of maximum resistance to the use and optimal flexibility

• Cannula: made of titanium, detachable (provided tools)

• Cannula dimension: length 108mm (4.25 inch) diameter 3mm (0.11 inch)

• Irrigator: incorporated, detachable with discarded cannula

• Dimension: length 35mm (9.25 inch) diameter 36mm (1.41 inch)

• Weight: 300 gr. (10.5 ounce)

• Driver

• Transductor

• Titanium cannula

• Irrigator

• Discarded irrigation cannulas

• Peristaltic hose

• Operating pedal

• Adjustment tools

• Aluminum case, complete kit holder with security lock

Multifunctional instrumentation, capable of comminution, aspiration and irrigation of tissue by means of ultrasonic energy. Allows for preservative operations on organs, and, in particular, parenchymatous organs, offering the specific advantages of tissue selection and nontraumatic preparation with a low level of bleeding.

During dissection and aspiration induced by ultrasound, connective and myelinic tissues (blood vessels, nerves, cartilage, epithelial tissue) can be isolated and kept intact.

This advanced-technology method is particularly suitable for operations on tumours in which organs are preserved and offers advantages to both the patient and the surgeon, thanks also to the ease with which the instruments can be manoeuvered.

Modern piezoelectric ultrasonic transformers, offering a high degree of effectiveness and ultrasonic, elastic oscillation probes built in strong titanium alloy (maximum oscillation amplitude of up to 350 µm), allow for removal of large sections of tissue to a degree incomparable with other types of instruments of this kind.